Publishing elections data in closed format become very common, in case any data have been published. Few days from the municipal elections we are still worried if it is going really to happen or not. Efforts come as usual from civil society and private sector to open up data and reuse it, and we saw few applications such as or Targa’s analysis … Big thanks to Abderrahman Gharsallah who did the first dataviz and released data in open format on github, a project supported by Democracy International and Mourakiboun.

One reason of doing this work is a comment from a friend telling me that there are some independent lists that are present in more than one region, and they could be not really independent as they claim ! I started googling the list name and found that it’s present in at least 6 regions. So I needed official list of candidates to check how many independent list is present in more than one region.




Discussion between the organization and the community about this dataset.

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